Reply To: [SOLVED] Squeezelite not recognized as player

23. November 2016 at 20:23 #24148

Just found another on the logitech forums :-
So it seems a small clash appeared between the two code sets and there is a fix available !
Trying it now … nope will not allow me to uninstall and replace LMS … Or select a new package over the top
Have to edit the file manually :-
sudo nano /usr/share/perl5/Slim/Control/
Look for line with text „for my $eachclient (@players[$start..$end]) {“ (without quotes)
The above line should be line 2348 – check using ‚f11‘
Then insert the text following this line:-

$request->addResultLoop(‚players_loop‘, $cnt,
‚playerindex‘, $idx);

Then save and reboot your Pi ;-))))
It works !!! Squeezer is displaying again !
This is pretty much as the other post I found above but is specific to an M2P build
Hope this helps

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