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23. November 2016 at 17:33 #24137

I have already tried as you suggest, given option number 3. in my response (It didn’t work)
I have since downloaded „Squeeze Controller“ from the Google Play Store. It seems to find the names of the players straight away.
So between this and the default LMS server web interface at x.x.x.x:9000 (Both work at recognising player names, though I don’t like the „Squeeze Controller“ interface much and the LMS Web Interface is a nightmare to use from a phone) It seems to point towards an issue with an upgrade to „Squeezer“. Upgrades seems to get pushed through to me regularly and they just install without permission (not that you ever know which ones are good for you or those that will drive you to distraction).
I’ve flagged the issue to „!forum/android-squeezer“ as it seems to be their issue (not yours or mine at least 😉 )
Sorry to have caused any inconvenience, will post back if I get an update.
Thanks and Regards