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11. Oktober 2016 at 17:31 #23374

Hi Bjardne,

very good so far 🙂

If you really like to change the volume steps, this is a little more difficult, as we just use the file from IQAudIO. If you know how to compile a file and log in with SSH on the Pi, you can do it this way:

1. get the file from and edit lines
currentVolume = currentVolume + 10;
currentVolume = currentVolume - 10;
to the step you like – e.g. „5“ or „2“ to use smaller steps.

2. complile the file with
gcc IQ_rot.c -oIQ_rot -lwiringPi -lasound

3. change the existing file in /opt/IQ_rot with the one you just compiled

4. set file permissions with chmod 777 /opt/IQ_rot

This should do the trick…

All the Best,