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10. Oktober 2016 at 11:45 #23333


to get the Rotary Encoder on IQAudio-Cards working with Synchronisation of volume with Squeezebox Server (control with App / webinterface / rotary encoder) you need to add following to the command line options of Squeezelite (not dependend of build-in audio active /not active):

-o hw:CARD=IQaudIODAC -V Digital -Q

I also added this to the description of the Rotary Encoder now (in Beta).

Description of Parameters:
– The Parameter „-Q“ starts the synchronisation with the Squeezebox Server
– The Parameter „-V“ makes sure to use the correct alsamixer control
– The Parameter „-o“ uses the dircet hardware as audio output (needed to use volume control on alsa level)

Important: This will only work with the Squeezelite in Max2Play and not in other distributions!