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8. Oktober 2016 at 9:30 #23317

Dear Christoph,
I was happy to see the new features of this plugin and becaus of Siri integration and Home Kit I wanted to give it a try.
I installed the plugin after updating M2P to 2.37.
After the installation an reboot, the Sppech Control Plugin Page is showing me this:

Enable speech communication for your Max2Play device!
This plugin is still in development. Make sure no audioplayer is running while using Jasper.

This happens on installation:

Jasper Framework gets installed and configured
The TextToSpeech Engine ESpeak gets installed and configured
SpeachToText Engine SphinxBase and Pocketsphinx get installed

Install Speech Control on this device. You need a microphone connected to your device (probably with USB).

Ne settings. No clue of it beeing installed.
Except the debug info. It is telling me the following:

#### JASPER Installed ####

#### ESPEAK Installed ####
#### POCKETSPHINX Installed ####

#### JASPER Running ####

It is a Raspberry Pi 3. I used the standard M2P image – I think I started with version 2.34 on this machine.
I have no oher plugins except Hifiberry and Kodi installed and active.
I recognized I had the audioplayer (squeezelite) running while and after first installation.
I stopped it and prevented it from starting after boot. Then started installation of speech recognition again. Did not change a thing.
I even attached an USB microphone.
The Home-App on iOS 10 (iPhone 7 Plus) does not find the Raspberry Pi.

Do you have a clue what could be wrong?

Meanwhile I tested the same thing on a Raspberry Pi 2 (M2P 2.37). Also with Hifiberry and Kodi but with audioplayer disabled before installing it for the first time. Here, installation of the plugin worked. BUT: Obviously the service doea not start. When I klick the start button, the message above reads: Install Jasper, Google STT, ESpeak TTS. Something went wrong on the last installation attempt. Delete installation files and try again.

Many thanks and best regards