Reply To: Is there something working on max2play?

8. September 2016 at 19:25 #22937

Hello Heiner!
I was referring to a display Adafruit 2.8.
I solved by changing the starting time of vnc.

I remind you that I don’t speak English very well, so maybe I express myself badly… Excuse me!

Now this is may situation:

But…On hostname NIGHT I’ve two problem:
1) No audio from Kodi. Squeezelive use bluetooth (pulseaudio) and it works. In Kodi I set (System->Setting->Audio to HDMI), but nothing! My primary display is HDMI.
2) 7′ LCD display and HDMI don’t work together! I had thought to set Kodi over HDMI and Jivelite over 7′ LCD display. But only display I choose like primary work! If I use VNC I see Kodi on HDMI and Jivelite on VNC!

Any tips?