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7. September 2016 at 14:45 #22910

Hi JavM,

it seems like your speakers need special identification with a Pin-Code – at least the Debug info says
Enter PIN code: Trusted: 0 -> 1

Did you push the „Connect“ button on your speakers when clicking connect in the Max2Play web interface?

The messages also says Connected: 1, that indicates it was paired correct, but cannot be used until the code is entered and the device is „trusted“.

As the Max2Play Bluetooth Plugin does not offer this method of pairing, I think it might be necessary to do the pairing one time from the command line. This has to be done only once:
– Login with SSH (Putty) or use the Remote Control Plugin from Max2Play to login with SSH via Web interface as user „pi“ with password „raspberry“.
– start /usr/bin/bluetoothctl
– enter trust 00:1D:DF:50:67:D8 and enter the pin when asked