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6. September 2016 at 10:01 #22874

I don’t understand your problem.
You are trying to get a screen working direktly on the Pi or over HDMI?

I installed the official 7″ Touch on my Pi

Getting it working with an older Raspberry Pi Model „A“ or „B“

With the software updated it’s actually reasonably straight-forward to get the touchscreen working with a Model A or B Raspberry Pi. First you must make two additional connections between your Pi’s GPIO and the touchscreen: these are the SDA ( ) and SCL ( ) lines ( which you can connect using the supplied green and yellow wires ).

Finally, you need to enable the LCD which is normally ignored on the main i2c bus:


Note: This will give your i2c over to the Pi for running the LCD/Touchscreen and you wont be able to use any other i2c devices or add-on boards which require i2c.