Reply To: Is there something working on max2play?

31. August 2016 at 14:00 #22781

Hi Arianna,
Sorry about the confusion. The speech control plugin is an incomplete alpha version without technical support as stated in the plugin’s description ( We have had some negative experience with Jasper and decided to focus on different plugins.
The reason we are shifting our focus is that we are working on a bigger plugin for voice recognition and control. The beta to this plugin can also be tested already, however the features are not ready yet. But, it does automatically generate http-commands for our main plugins like Jivelite, Kodi and Squeezebox Server. Check it out if you like.

Regarding the specification of your sound card, I presume of your own install of Jasper, you can find out the location and identity of your sound card by typing „alsamixer“ as command in the console (login: pi pw: raspberry).