Reply To: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on odroid-XU4

15. August 2016 at 0:39 #22268

I tried out your new m2p Ubuntu 16.04 image and found the same issues…

1. Audioplayer/Equalizer sliders still not working.

2. Bluetooth not installing from the plugin. Resolved by installing bluez-Utils from a downloaded deb package before installing the Bluetooth plugin.

3. Filesystem Mount ’nobootwait‘ parameter has definitely been deprecated in Ubuntu 16.04. Can use ’nofail‘ instead. ’nofail‘ isn’t as good – if a mounted HDD has been disconnected the system halts for a time (I think up to 90 seconds) waiting for the HDD to reconnect. If the HDD is still not present system continues to boot/reboot.

4. There’s definitely a problem using mate desktop 1.14! Tried installing it 2 more times onto fresh m2p images but each time the desktop became very unresponsive and some GUI’s were washed out and unreadable. Basically unusable so better to leave mate at 1.12.

Hopefully you will be able to resolver the Equalizer issue.

Thank you