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29. Juli 2016 at 21:48 #21949

There are 2 issues:
1. Although the Raspberry Pi 3 claims it has internal WiFi it has no antenna. There is plenty of space on the circuit board so this is baffling. Yes it has WiFi but it’s range is „short range“.
-(The RPi’s location is now 3.5M with the use of a long RCA cable, and it’s going to be „perfect“.)
–RPi’s location ~5.5M from Router = max2play/LMS failed after 3-4 days.
–Previous location ~8.5M from Router = failed daily.
–Another location ~15M from Router = totally dead, will not connect.
Compared to smart phones, tablets, laptops, squeezeboxes, the Raspberry Pi3’s WiFi is disappointing.
2. The other issue is that max2play’s error recovery, assuming it has some, allows the wifi interface to die. The question is: should max2play automatically reinitialize wifi when it dies?