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20. Juli 2016 at 16:17 #21692

Thanks Heiner, and you were correct. I tried but had not successfully expanded the Partition. Although the „Instructions“ say to expand the Partition First, max2play does not allow it. But if for example, the Time Zone is set First, then the Partition can be expanded. It’s important to get feedback from max2play indicating that the Partition has been expanded successfully.
So after taking a couple days to get max2play re-installed, understand the weird 60MB partition that Win32DiskImage creates, discover that Windows can’t format properly except in that 60MB partition, but SDFormatter can format all of an SD card, I got max2play up and running again.
And it has failed 5 times in those 5-6 days.
Again I’ve been using SqueezeCommander, and have suspected that the failure is related somehow to SqueezeCommander changes, changing Radio Stations, e.g., between Radio Paradiso and TSF-Jazz, a „Swiss“ one, and others. As I’m typing this it failed again (when it fails it’s WiFi connection is lost), so I’m now switching to Squeezer. [Another thing I noticed this morning is that LMS Favorites can’t be selected using either SqeezeCommander or Squeezer, but they can be using the Squeezebox Classic V3. (They can also be selected via But I won’t worry about that for now.] If I continue to get failures with Squeezer my next step will be to replace the Netgear router (WNDR3800) that I’m currently using with an old-faithful LinkSys WRT54 (standard firmware).
Thanks again Heiner for your help, I wanted to keep you up-to-date,