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18. Juni 2016 at 10:00 #20732

I do not understand what is wrong. I created the image for the Hifi berry and I got than that message and a complete other gui layout.
Now I switched over to the squeezelite image an a lot of things work.
But still following problems:
1. I had to add a max-usb-current=1 entry in the /boot/config.txt file to allow my 2 TB usb disk on the PI.
2. I do not see the possibility to manage the Hifi-Berry. There is no extra raspberry setup tab as I see in the video tutorial.
If I try to update the max2player I got message that it is updated to last version
3 If I try to add a plugin I get the message SSL handshake failed so i have no access to the site
4. I could scan my music files on the max2play SQB server but on my duet remote after connection with Max2play I get a fixed nessage: problem ,
can not play filetype for teststream test?rate=1000

ANY suggestions?