Reply To: Cant see max2play

3. Juni 2016 at 10:41 #20469

Hi Heiner
I have burned another image and still I can’t see my files using windows explorer or windows files manager.

Could it be anything to do with this ??

Under filesysystem, samba shares I have
Name: max2play-usb
Comment: blank
Writeable: yes
Create mode: 0777

I have also noticed Sambashare Accsess (do I need to set this up, if so how)
The password is pre typed in the box as : root
So I picked a password and entered it and saved it
The followed the instructions but in the instructions it says right click and connect to network drive.
I only see, Map to network drive or disconnect network drive
However if I continue and choose Map to network drive I get a box with a drive letter, this case it’s Z and under it there’s a place I can either write the path of my drive, which I put in //MAX2PLAY/max2play-usb
This says its not recognised.
Also should I fix the LAN address, I have done both and it makes no differance ?
And after all this the system works, I just can’t see my HD using windows, I really hope you can suggest a few more ideas, Thanks again Alex