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23. Mai 2016 at 12:14 #20205

Hello Ronald,

thank you for your post. Nice little build! I like Apple cases to be reused for other purposes.
Back to topic: I don’t use Kodi, since I do not have a display attached to the Pi. My wish is to use the GUI of Max2Play as front-end for the ripper, so I can use my Android device as controller.
Does the ripper in Kodi provide Accuraterip support? Is it possible to set the Kodi-ripper in a kind of “automatic mode“ so I would need a display just once for the setup?

I was using the x86-Linux distribution “Daphile“ before as LM-Server, Squeezebox player and CD-ripper on an old Shuttle Atom d525 barebone, it worked so nicely: I simply hat to put in a CD into the DVD-Drive and when everything was ripped properly, it simply opened the drive. Perfect!

Unfortunately the Barebone uses too much power (~25 watts idle) to run it 24/7 so I decided to move to a Raspberry Pi-based solution: Max2Play.