Reply To: Cant see max2play

12. Mai 2016 at 20:05 #20106

Hi Heiner

Thanks for the reply

I did what you asked and, still nothing

In my router however I get this. M2P is not listed as being there although its connected by a cable ?
Firewall issues maybe ?

2.4 GHz Wireless: SqueezeboxTouch 00:04:20:22:c2:ca
5 GHz Wireless: iPhone
Ethernet: Alex-PC
USB: No devices detected

However if I just type max2play in my explorer browser I get another window opening called
„choose media streaming opyions for computers and devices“

On this page I can see max2play but it’s only a square icon along with other things I think I can recognise

I have a BT home hub router do you think maybe this is the problem.