Reply To: Cant see max2play

4. Mai 2016 at 16:20 #20047

You can use the example 1 since you probably want to write on the share as well as read:
Name: usbshare
Path: /media/usb
writeable: yes
Create Mode: 0777

Except if you want to use a share on the SD card and not a constantly connected usb drive to be your share, you need to use another folder. You can use home/pi/downloads. Now, just click save and the share is created. If you have not yet, also create a password to enter from your windows pc, you can leave root as the user name.
Now, if you go to your PC’s explorer, under network you should find the element \\MAX2PLAY. If you click it, it will ask for your user name and password, type those in and you can access the share, add files, delete them or copy them to your PC.