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23. April 2016 at 22:41 #19929

Thanks for the development of Max2Play. It’s a great package and easy way to have a headless LMS server on a RasPi.

I currently have a fully functional Max2Play image running on a Raspi 2 and would like to update my SD card to use in a new Raspi 3. Is there a set of instructions on how to properly update the existing install so the card can work with the new Raspi 3 hardware?

I have SSH’ed into the setup with the SD card in the Raspi 2 and ran apt-get update and dist-upgrade, as well as upgraded LMS to the 7.9 nightly build and latest M2P software thru the web interface but I only receive a rainbow screen at startup when inserting the SD card into the Raspi 3 and powering up.

The reason I want to update instead of start fresh with the latest M2P Raspi 3 image available is because I have the difficult to compile Google Music app working on the Raspi 2 and been unable to replicate the necessary steps for recompiling the Google Music app when using the new M2P Raspi 3 image. Any advice would be appreciated.

I have been able to update my existing M2P SD Card to run on my Raspi 3 (with one issue, squeezelite player is not starting. 294 playback open error).

Accomplished by performing the above steps as well as updating the Raspi 2 firmware (sudo rpi-update).
Note: I was OK with breaking functional software/hardware. Results may vary if attempting to replicate.

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