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24. März 2016 at 22:45 #19456

Update: 24th March 2016


Latest Image downloaded from MAX2PLAY Raspberry PI3 this is the message from squeeze

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Comment: Interprètes : Coldplay, Main Artist
Label : Parlophone UK – Warner
Track Number: 11/11
File Format: FLAC
Duration: 6:45
Bitrate: 4960kbps VBR (Converted to 705kbps FLAC) <<<<<this is the magic BIT!!
Sample Rate: 192.0 kHz
Sample Size: 24Bits
File Length: 251,550,962
URL: tmp:///media/usb/Music_Files/C/Coldplay/Coldplay-A_Head_Full_Of_Dreams_192kHz_24bit/01-11-Coldplay-Up_Up-SMRP.flac

So what you have then is a 192KHz version of Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams (192kHz/24bit) (2015)
4960kbps VBR, flc playing through a Boombox where the extra GRUNT available in P3 is transcoding the 192Kz stream to 705Kbps which the older Boombox hardware can handle – I haven’t tested it on Squeezebox but there is no reason why it wouldn’t work too

Note: The Transcoding DOESN’T work on RP2 because there isn’t enough processing power to do it – that restriction is now lifted with the RP3

Great News – Nice Job MAX2PLAY Team thank you
Yet another reason to LOVE Raspberry PI