Reply To: Activation lost after update

19. März 2016 at 10:07 #19366


Thank you for your support.
Activation is now working indeed for those squeezebox i have updated to 2.28 AFTER uninstalling SD-Card Protection plugin.

But for those where i just enable write access without uninstalling plugin, i’m still stuck :
– in settings/reboot, it says NOT ACTIVATED
– if i want to delete my e-mail, it says :

SD-Card is Read-Only! Changes on settings will not be saved!
Update Configfile – existing Entry changed
Your eMail-address / activation code is saved.
Update Configfile – existing Entry changed
Your license is validated. Now you have access to all features and plugins.
Get Plugin from
Load Plugin from tar
Installing Plugin sdcardprotection
Install successful

but it remains „NOT ACTIVATED“

– when i want to enabled write access, i go to SD-card protection plugin, it says :

No valid Max2Play-License for additional plugins and features found. Please enter a valid eMail-address on the Settings-page to verify that you are a customer of Max2Play and to access all features.

so to recap :
1. i want ot enable write access to update my e-mail in settings, so that my licence is activated
2. i cannot enable write acces because my licence is not activated
3. back to point 1.

is there a way to reinitiale max2play from scratch using ssh or another mean that do not require me to take out the SD-card ?