Reply To: Problem installing Squeezebox server

17. März 2016 at 11:27 #19330

Hi Chouarch,

thank you for your reply.

In our tests the check for available Squeezebox Server Versions worked flawlessly. Right now I see two possible reasons for this issue.

a) Your Pi has no internet connection. Try to login to your Pi via ssh (by using putty for instance) and type: ping -c3 This will perform a ping to the Download-Server for Squeezebox-Server used by Max2Play. You would see a message like „unknown host“ if your Pi has no internet connection. After that you would have to check your network settings.


b) There is something wrong with your image. In this case I recommend you to download the correct Max2Play image from our website again (to make sure the download is not broken in the first place) and follow the instructions on our Getting-Started page.

Roman from Max2Play