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12. März 2016 at 13:10 #19226

Hi uk63,

before I started with my first Raspberry Pi project I exclusively used Upnp/DLNA solutions in my audio network at home. Even today I run Twonky and MinimServer as DLNA-servers on my Linux machine and various DLNA clients.
But for my Rapsberry Pi (with Hifiberry DAC+ Pro and a 7″ Touchscreen Display) I have installed Max2Play with the Plugins Audioplayer (Squeezelite) and Squeezebox Server (Version 7.9 Nightly). The 7.9 version of Squeezebox Server enables me to use my RPi as Squeezelite player and also as DLNA client/player. The 7.9 version of Squeezebox Server has an option to activate „Remote music libraries“ (in my case the two DLNA servers Twonky and MinimServer) and Squeezelite behaves as a DLNA client.
You can control the DLNA client functionality via any DLNA controller (eg BubbleUpnp) or via touchscreen or even via a IR Remote Control (if you install a IR solution on your RPi).

I hope this helps.