Reply To: Compatibility with Raspberry PI 3

5. März 2016 at 19:33 #19131

Max2Play beta image loaded
Installed lightdm since I need the pi to open in GUI
Tried JiveLite – it works
However I’m having a problem with how it work s- probably nothing to do with beta or RPi3
If Desktop Boot option auto log in as pi is selected in raspi-config and auto start JiveLite ion Max2play Jivelite settings
neither desktop or JiveLite shows on the screen
Jivelite is running – I checked but no Desktop on main
However switching desktops it does show – 2 of them!
Closed one of them ( taskbar visible) then switched back and forth between deskptops
quit Jivelite – none running
Tried to restart from web interface from another computer
Trying to launch … NOT successful Click here to show detailed information
JiveLite 0.1.0
Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keyInvalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key20160305 17:18:56.121 INFO jivelite – JiveMain.lua:267 JiveLite version 0.1.0
20160305 17:18:56.131 ERROR jivelite.ui.draw – jiveL_initSDL:204 SDL_Init(V|T|A): Unable to open a console terminal

– Removed in raspi-config autostart as pi in Desktop
left autostart on Jivelite and reboot
JiveLite starts and display on current desktop
Quit from Jivelite menu button still not working
Quit from taskbar x works leaving the desktop up but
Quitting ( Stop JiveLite) form web gui quits the desktop
I cannot win!!! 🙁
What i need is JiveLiet on the screen with NO taskbar, quitable from his own Quit button or sending a command to another program, bringing that program in foreground and show back up when the ‚other ‚ program is done
I have camera with Motion detector or Door bell Ring event( some event detected by a background program) which triggers the Video image to show on the screen.
I really lie JiveLite/LMS combo an don’t feel like looking for alternative
Can it been done? – maybe I s’d post all this part in a separate one 😉

Checking camera and kodi next