Reply To: Compatibility with Raspberry PI 3

3. März 2016 at 21:46 #19104

Hi Maximilian,

The PI isn’t connected to the QNAP. I was just explaining that the QNAP was able to trans-code Hi Resolution FLAC files (192Khz) down to standard 44.1Khz FLAC on the fly. This is needed if you have Hi Res FLAC’s + the original LMS Hardware Boombox, Squeezebox ect. (This software appears to have been dumped by QNAP i believe due to security concerns and because it is old.) This was most probably because the QNAP has plenty of power to handle this process and it appears to be coded into the LMS software. However with my max2play RP2 it looks like it is doing it (i.e. the sang name and play time comes up) but nothing comes out of the device as sound. So I was wondering if this would now work given the higher power offered with the RP3. This is a slightly mute point I will find out soon enough. My RP3 is on it’s way to me and the BETA Max2play software is available so I will let the forum know if there is yet another reason to love the PI and max2play!!