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3. Februar 2016 at 20:10 #18375

I really like this idea, I allready tested that sound played form sqeeuzelite and shareport can be mixed, thanks to the ALSA mixer I suppose (I’m a linux newbie). So if there was a another very small sound player running, that could play local sounds (ex. Doorbell1.mp3) that would be a great way to create ‚the doorbell‘ effect. OK it will be mixed with the current playing sound, but the doorbell sound is normally always louder :-). Offcourse it would be nice if the audio that is playing paused for the moment.
Is there somebody that has an idea to create this? Or point me in the right direction to code myself a little sound player?



edit : just figured out Multisqueeze does the trick for me :-). One for the usual playing of sound, one for addon sound like a doorbell without changing the playlist from one.

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