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3. Januar 2016 at 17:23 #17542

Hi Alex:

That is good news…sounds like you are there. With hostapd running on the PI, another wireless device you should now see the new wireless network with the SSID you setup in the form. You should then be able to connect to that new network, providing the password you had setup (default mypasscode).
For his new network the PI will provide IP addresses in the 192.168.189.X range, with the PI acting as a router at address (by default). This network will be independent of your other networks unless you clear the „Standalone“ box and connect the hardwire ethernet. In that case the PI will route packets to your the other connected network. You WILL NOT see devices connected to the new wireless network, show up on your home router as clients, because they are on a subnetwork managed by the PI. Only the PI’s hardwire interface will be client on your home router’s network (which is what you see, I think). I hope this make sense.

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