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3. Januar 2016 at 13:04 #17538

Hi noop

Guess what !!!!

Great news, you’ve done it

Its the same as yours ????????????????????????


Only when I hard wire it to my router as I can’t get into the setting (GUI) unless its hard wired, well it won’t let me in if I try doing it wirelessly

So I fired up ipeng and tried to see what was happening there.
ipeng saw my URL, but it was not coming up with a Mac address (using wireless).
Then I checked in my settings/wifi on my iphone and still could’nt see it there.

So I connected the M2P back up to my router and sure enough the Mac address appeared, which kinda is like was I was saying before, but now at least you have proved, and got the wifi dongle working. Another step closer, which feels good to be honest after several months of working on this. I just don’t know why I keep hitting brick walls

Anyhow, I thought every Pi/PC etc had a mac address, so why should it not be there when its wireless but it is when hardwired. Odd

And I did compare the mac address issue with my squeezplug I’m running, that has both the URL and Mac, which you’d expect ( when hard wired)

Maybe its something in M2P I’ve not ticked, or need to install another plugin ?

And noop, I’m aware this is eating into your time, so if you like, maybe I just get the other dongle then see what happens.
But you have been a really great help, and thanks for your help.

But if you do have any ideas I honestly would be very thankful if you could let me know

Thanks Noop

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