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2. Januar 2016 at 11:02 #17529

Hi noop

I have just reloaded the accesspoint plugin
It’s asking me to reboot so I did

At this point I dropped out to the command prompt and started entering the above commands as they are above
All looked like it went well with no errors

Then I rebooted again went to my iPhone opened up the settings wifi to see if I could see this new network, unfortunately I could’nt.

I tried with ipeng and LMS and I knew they were not going to work and they didn’t .

What I did notice in the M2P shop, they recommend a edimax dongle.
So as I think this script has been installed ok, and as it mentions edimax, if I order an edimax 7811, do you think that will work as I would be happy to pay the £10 to end this 3 months of stress,

Noop, did you have any problems setting your accesspoint , well if you have one?

But after saying this it’s possible I have totally misunderstood your instructions and I have loaded the new script at the wrong time / point

I can uninstall it and try again if that’s so.

Just another point, I did’t alter or add to the boxes in the accesspoint set up at any point until after the 2nd reboot so after entering the SSID, PASSPHRASE AND TICKING the standalone box , rebooted again by disconnecting the power) and again it failed to work sadly

30 mins on I have just stopped writing to uninstall the accesspoint plug in and reinstall and to no avail

Maybe I’ve just loaded the script at the wrong point, here’s hoping

But thanks for all your help, if you think a new dongle would be the best path to go down no problem