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30. Dezember 2015 at 20:11 #17519

Hi noop,

Thanks again for your help
Programming isn’t my forte but I will give it a go IF I can understand what you mean, it’s me that’s the problem being unable to understand this level of programming which I guess to you is quite low

Ok can I clarify what I think you mean

I’m going to wipe my SD just to make sure, now this is what I’m getting really good at!!!

When I’ve done that I will load the all the plugin’s I need the last one will be the access point
Now this is what I think you mean, I load up the access point plug in and save it

Then do I enter the above at the point where I have logged into the Pi, which I think Is the command line shell prompt, Is this right or am I talking rubbish….

Or do I enter this the boot/config.txt…

Sorry noop but my knowledge even having worked on this for must be over 300 hours now, is still limited

very very very frustrating and very very soul distroying but I am always thankful for ANY help anyone can give