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16. Dezember 2015 at 18:22 #17377

Hi Fred
My god you’re one hell of a guy, thanks so much for all you have done. Really kind of you.

I did send an email to M2P asking if I bought one of their SD cards would this do the job and Maximilian from Max2play kindly replied and said I would only get the same thing from them.

But he’s read our thread and he’s kindly offered a few suggestions too so as I’m at work (just leaving (yeeeeee) (and you’re right about the timeshift) I hope to give it a go when I get home plus what with your input and suggestions, surely i HAVE got to get it sorted..

So I’m trying to be positve but it’s tough at the moment. But I still have hope and confidence and again thanks for all you have done and even willing to do, what is just, well really very kind.

Ok it’s very foggy and very damp here and the rush hour traffic is increasing so I better be on my way as it’s 16:20 local time. Plus the sooner I leave the sooner I can have another go at this.

I have a feeling the wife likes the Pi as it has kept me out of her way for quite a bit


Vacation should be