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16. Dezember 2015 at 16:19 #17368

Now I’m getting confused Alex.

The first problem is our time shift, I’m at work answering your questions, so I don’t have the ability to test/confirm and do screen shots of max2play (for the most part I’m doing everything from memory, 3+ months ago)

I also think that the installation procedures AND options have changed, since I originally installed Max2play.

Be that as it may, when I did a “virgin” install/downloaded the image from the Max2play site, I was confronted by a screen like this (which is a lot different than the one in your message above)

I then went to the “HIFIBERRY” tab and Selected “Advanced”.

THIS is how I got the “Squeezebox Server” tab initially.

Once installed, I used the ‘Squeezebox Server “ Tab to install Squeezebox, so am not sure why you are experiencing issues IF you did everything from scratch.

Again, the steps I used may have changed with the install and features available now.

Listen, I have one more day of work (Thur Dec 17th), then I am off for 2 weeks’ Vacation, at that point in time I will be able to give you more accurate info AND be able to do a virgin install myself to support you.

I can also try re-posting MY Image on my Google Drive, but this time Zipping it BEFORE I post, so you can download.

I have never used it, but do you have an IPAD with the Facetime App available? Perhaps it makes sense to cut down our typing and try to do a quick meeting online, to go through the steps together. Just a thought.

I’m determined to help you as this should be very easy.