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15. Dezember 2015 at 5:23 #17334

Now this is getting silly

Here is a link for MY Max2Play 16GB MicroSD Image

You MUST use a 16GB Micros SD Card, download and burn this image on the SD card.

(I use USB Image Tool its free)

Drop the successfully burned SD in the Pi.

Boot up the Pi with USB Drive/Music connected and WITH A MONITOR ATTACHED ensure all boots up OK (if you see a Login Prompt, you’ll know the PI has booted up correctly) this is SO Critical!

Under SETTINGS / REBOOT, Reboot / Update / Filesystem Settings, Select Expand Filesystem

Don’t enter ANY Fields/touch any boxes, just Select Squeezbox Server, Select Open Squeezebox Server Webadministration.

Now the familiar Logitech Media Server Program should pop up, Click Settings bottom left hand corner

Under Basic Settings, Media Folders, Click Browse

Under Media Click USB or USB 0, and you HAVE TO see your Music Folders under this, if NOT I’m at a loss.

Please give it a go and get back to me, Fred