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15. Dezember 2015 at 0:25 #17331

Hi Fred
Firstly thanks for all your help
Ok I set the current for the usb’s, no problem
I then entered squeeze server and looked for the latest version, nightly 9
I then tried to install it and it started then stopped and it said
“ LMS version not existing“
I’ve see this before at some point
So I decided to shut down the pi
Replace it with a spare brand new one I have
Connected another drive I formatted the SD card, and expanded It before trying to install squeezebox server again
Got exactly the same problem as before, LMS version not existing “
Plus on the file store mount page I couldn’t see the hard drive I had connected, which I formatted and it had nothing on it at this stage please note

Should it have a directory on it do you know Fred
Like media\music
Where the music is stored
It’s late now and I have an early start so not sure if I will have time tonight to try again

I’m just astounded how difficult this is turning out

I’ve never done anything that I have spent so much time on ( and you) and Got no further than I was wow, over 250 hours ago

There has to be something fundamental I’m doing so wrong

So I’ve used two pi’s, 3 hard drives , reloaded countless images, increased the USB current
And God only knows the different things I have written in the boxes under the various headings which by all accounts I don’t need to do

And I’ve even go a powered hub
I’m more than gobsmacked I can tell you Fred

I must have done every option and more than I can

But I will give it another go tomorrow night

I think before I retire I might try hooking up my squeezeplug hard drive and see what happens
Maybe the drive needs a directory and music files on it

Watch this space

But I really have to thank you Fred for you support