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14. Dezember 2015 at 16:16 #17326

Yes, the first video assumes you have burned your bootable MicroSD card with the image, have Expand the SD-Card AND you have added the „max_usb_current=1“ to the /boot/config.txt

Squeeze Box Server and LMS are the same thing, as I understand it

Yes, I am opening it up, and through it finding my Media and once found, adding my Library of Music to LMS/Squeeze Box Server

Correct you do NOT fill out any of the boxes, those are used for creating a „Share“ of your Library in the future. But for the time being NONE of the boxes in the Max2play interface need to be filled out.

Again, the Video is rough BUT hopefully is enough to get you going.

Again, I can support you on this end if you reach difficulties, Fred in Canada