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12. Dezember 2015 at 12:37 #17301

Hi Fred

Sadly still no luck, I have even dug out my USB stick and tried that. Since my last come to you, I have returned the image m2p 4 times and tried various setups.

Either the USB on the pi has has it or I’m inputting the wrong things into the „boxes“ under each heading

The best I have done it to MANAGE see using my HD which I unplugged from my squeezeplug server, so now with that plugged in, under the file system mounts under External drives I see

Media/usb0 so it’s seeing that drive

Then I have tried to install sbox server albeit I thought it was already as its in the list under settings, but when I do it says LMS version not existing ….

Well if nothing else Fred it’s a good learning curve as I am in and out the m2p headings and getting to know them quite well.

Personally I’m SURE 99% is what I’m putting into the „boxes“ ie the paths of various locations and where I’m putting them.

I just don’t really understand that, or maybe I do and I’m doing it right. After all the different ways and places I have been putting in the paths, surely just be chance I would have cracked it.

At the moment I’m back where I was over 200 hours ago which is;
The pi is on my network hooked up wirelessly now.
And I have a USB a to d amp connected to some headphones
Through the LMS on my iPhone and iPad I can see the m2p server
When I look for music the m2p finds some, but those files are on my PC not the drive that is hooked onto the pi
So almost there but not
I also added that line for the power Fred and I still got the same thing happening with my new USB 2tb HD
But it does not happen to the other HD I have used, how odd is that
So I think my only option is to wait until you have made your video, which would not only a great help for me to see what boxes for your paths you fill in, but I’m sure loads of others around the globe would find it useful too.
I’ve never ever been in a situation where after few minutes my PC can’t see things plugged into it and if it can’t I always know why. This situation is a complete, well just baffling beyond belief
But thanks so much for spending time trying to help me Fred , really appreciate it.
But in the meantime, I’m going to take a break from it, I’m mentally exhausted with it and so frustrated.
Also my old replacement pi arrived from fleabay so I do that that to fall back on.
Would be great if you do manage to do your video to let me know when you have Fred if that isn’t a too bigger ask because this should be working and seeing how you’ve done yours on the video might be the only way I’m going to sort this out.
Once again thanks Fred very much appreciated your help