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9. Dezember 2015 at 22:05 #17220

Don’t worry about it Alex, I’ll keep checking this Forum and help you get through this from my side of the Pond.

I copied all my Music over to my 2 TB External Drive up front (I have 1.2 TB of Music)

I run BOTH the Server AND the Play on the Pi 2.

I attached it to the Pi 2 with a Max2Play Image on the SD card, attached a Ethernet network cable and Monitor to the Pi 2 and Booted up.

The rest are Note I took when configuring, they are my personal notes, so may be a bit cryptic BUT may help.

Good Luck, Fred


OK, I JUST got everything working…it was NOT easy, but not TOO difficult.

Had a Clicking with the hard Drive, the following resolved it;

to /boot/config.txt
Connect your HD (only one at a time)

NEXT I followed the instructions online VERY Closely, and in order (this may change)

Expand the SD-Card (not needed for NOOBS-Raspberry PI Image)

To get use of the full space of the SD-Card you have to expand it. Remember that the minimum size is 8 GB. Even if your card is a 8 GB card, please expand the card, before doing something else. Otherwise you will run out of space immediately. To expand the card choose the „SETTINGS / REBOOT“ menu, go to the section „Reboot / Update / Filesystem Settings“ and click on „Expand Filesystem“. Afterwards please reboot to take effect!

Configure the path to your files

Choose the „FILESYSTEM MOUNT“ menu to configure the path to your Media-Files like music, movies, pictures etc. Your Media-Files can be saved at different locations: On the SD-Card of the Mini-Computer itself, on an attached USB-drive, or on a Samba or NFS Network-Share. If the Media-Files are stored on the SD-Card you booted from, there is no need to do anything here. If it is stored on a USB-drive this will be mounted automatically to /media/usb and /media/usb0. If you attach more than one USB-drive, they will be mounted to /media/usb1 to /media/usb7. If your Media-Files are stored on an network location you have to configure it from this site. Everything you will need to do is explained here. If you like to enable the Mini-Computer to work as a Samba-Server, go to the section „Sambashares on Max2Play – setup network share paths“. If configured correctly, you are now able to see your Mini-Computer as a network-share form the PCs in your home LAN. You can now easily transfer files to your Mini-Computer from other computers in your Home-LAN.

Install Squeezebox Server

If you like, you can install Squeezebox Server. Squeezebox Server is one of the best Media-Servers you can get. Choose the Menu “ SQUEEZEBOX SERVER “ and you will find all you need to get Squeezebox Server installed. Please remember, that it will take a while, till the Squeezebox Server webinterface is reachable after the installation. After the installation has finished, you can access the Squeezebox Server web interface by choosing „Start Squeezebox Server Webadministration“. One of the first things you have to configure here is the path to your media files. Please choose the path depending on the settings in the earlier steps. Squeezebox Server stands for: Logitech Media Server, SlimServer, SqueezeCenter and Squeezebox Server.


To configure you Mini-Computer as an AudioPlayer choose the menu „AUDIOPLAYER“. From here you can configure three different players. For the Squeezebox Server environment you need the SqueezeLite player. To play from your Apple-Devices you need ShairPort. The gmediarender is a DLNA-Client for audio running with all DLNA compatible media-servers. All the players can run simultaneously. Please configure the appropriate soundcard for your system. To change the name of your player, choose the menu „SETTINGS / REBOOT“ and you will find an option to change it. Please remember, that you will not only change the player name, you will also change the hostname of your Mini-Computer. So the URL for your Mini-Computer will also change.


My Filesystem Mount Info was as follows;

Path UUID=F474B7AA74B76DCC

Mountpoint /media/usb0

Type ntfs

Options defaults,nobootwait


My Sambashares on Max2play are a follows

Name max2play-usb

Path /media/usb

Writeable yes


VERY difficult to figure out how to Get the Library to be read/sync, for this you need to into Squeezebox itself and in the Media Folders had to put the following:


Not the most obvious BUT it worked.

All for today!