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9. Dezember 2015 at 18:50 #17212

Hi Fred,

Even if it does’nt cure it, you were decent enought to reply to try and help and for that, thanks very much.
But I’ll let you know, it just seemed so odd that the pi file manager could see the files but not the M2P.

I may just ask one question. The drive I attached was a seagate 2TB with all the music pre-loaded on it. Do you know the M2P well enough to know if it acts like a plug & play machine, also would you know how if you can see the music files via M2P or do you have to use the logitech player or ipeng or even Kodi maybe to do this

Or, should I attach a empty newly formatted drive and just transfer the files via the network ( well I would have if I could have seen it) . And I have (sorry another question Fred). Once you burn your image, is there nothing more you need to add to make it work, did yous work just following the instructions. And how do you run yours as a server or player, server I guess, but just asking because as I said I have gone through so many many configerations I’m also slightly confused now. The instructions are quite clear I know, but sometimes I’ve learned even some instructions have been wrong.

Sorry to load you with this Fred but I am pretty stuck and it’s great to get someone whose got one working to bounce things around with.
In addition, I have got it working wirelessly though, and I have got bluetooth set up on it (so I don’t have to run cables from the boot to the front). However, my iphone sees the BT on the Pi and the Pi see’s it on the phone (if this makese sense) but they can’t connect albeit the bt protcol is matched. You’re not using BT by any slim chance are you.

I’m really sorry for all the hassle. Please don’t feel committed to reply as you’ve helped enough already. Ok, it’s 16:44 here in UK so I better get ready to leave work now. And I’ve just realised I’m out toinght so I’m not going to get a chance to try this sadly. But I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks again, very much appreciated Fred.
BW Alex