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9. Dezember 2015 at 13:05 #17193

Hi There,
Kodi isn’t starting anymore after the 15.1 update with the Pi B with wolfson soundcard, LMS and Squeezelite running.
I try to start Kodi from the website but the service is not starting:

Kodi / XBMC – Status, Start & Stop
Versucht zu starten … Erfolgreich mit ID 4795
Status: Kodi / XBMC läuft nicht

I have tried the same update with the Pi B+ without Wolfson and LMS (Only Squeezelite running) and Kodi isn’t starting either.
It is the 2.25 version of max2play wihtout any changes.(apart from expanding the SD-card and wifi settings).

Has anyone the same problem? Or knows how to fix it?