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25. November 2015 at 19:34 #17024

Hi K.Rens,

that’s not worth it. On the long run, we plan to drop Jasper (which is maintained insufficiently) and move on to speech control via Google Now and Siri (maybe also Cortana) to enable the interaction between smartphones and Max2Play. Certain additional apps and of course the assistants‘ APIs have to be used, though. At the end, we will publish a Max2Plugin that lets you choose your assistant and lists all available commands and necessary instructions to set it up. You might be able to add custom commands as well. But all this will take some time.

If you have an Android smartphone, you could test it meanwhile with installing the (not free) „Tasker“ app. In the max2play-interface, starting a Squeezelite player for example is done by a certain URL shown after clicking the „Start“-button (… Squeezeplayer.php?action=start …). You could link this URL and your command text in Tasker and control your Raspberry Pi with a Google Now speech command from then on.
Would be great if you shared your experiences with it.

Maximilian from Max2Play