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5. November 2015 at 19:47 #16784


im an user of kodi on pi2. Til yesterday im am using kodi 16 beta openelec builds. These builds made it possible to play 3d mvc files and isos by my omv mediaserver.

Today i have bougt the full licence of max2play because i want the pi2 as logitechmediaserver and player for music with media files by an extern 2,5 inch hdd instead of playing the music starting the big omv server with several 4 TB Hdd.

But an problem occurs with the kodi version you have integrated in max2play. After updating to latest max2play beta version kodi shows 15.1 as his own version. And here it is impossible to see an option for activating 3d mvc. Please update your kodi version to 15.2 or even better for the customers who like kodi beta versions to 16 alpha.

Kind Regards

Gerald Paul