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29. Oktober 2015 at 19:46 #16613

No problem Cowonaut !!

For my setup :

Raspberry PI model B, no overclock, standard
Max2Play : Update to 2.24

Premium account paid !
Plugins : Start
Settings / Reboot
WiFi / Lan
Filesystem Mount
SqueezeBox Server
Kodi / XBMC
Raspberry Settings
SD Card Write Protection

Sudo apt-get update –> Done
Sudo apt-get upgrade –> Done
Expand filesystem –> Done
SqueezeBox Server installation –> Done
Forced output audio to headphones jack –> Done

And I just read that it’s not do the tricks 🙁 I cannot have it with squeezebox server enabled on the same, just the reader. it’s a little bit mad…

It can be cool if the boot filesystem will be on a different partition and all plugins work on other partition. Then we can write protect the boot partition but not the other one !