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21. Oktober 2015 at 1:14 #16449

hey guys.

@ xardas: nice to hear 🙂 what worked for you precisely? which part of this thread?

@ flysurfer: my pleasure 🙂 M2P is awesome, you do a great job. i’m feeling like a beta-tester^^ but the the best part is the following: you are located in Leipzig, Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße right? So we are neigbours =D

testet it with a fresh image v2.22
-updated to 2.23, reboot
-updated kodi, reboot
-updated to beta, reboot
-installed RPi PVR repository, reboot
-started kodi

Only neccesary settings were set.

can’t install any of the PVR-addons including demo plugin. i’m getting always a „installation failed“
i varied the updated process as described before (p.e. tried to update kodi in beta) and testet it a view times. no success.

good news:
mananged it to install the xstream plugin. was my fault.