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14. Oktober 2015 at 12:05 #16354

Hi MvD42,

the Raspberry did not have the support for the PVR-Addons from our Max2Play-builds yet … until NOW 😉

You may update to the latest Beta of Max2Play on the Settings page in the Web interface and then you have to:
– install Kodi again even if you already have version 15 (just start the installation on the Kodi-tab of Web interface)
– install the PVR-Plugins Repository from the Addon installer on the Kodi-tab in Max2Play Web interface, which now also work for the Raspberry
– activate the desired PVR-Plugin in Kodi: System -> Addons -> Install from Repository (Choose Max2Play Repository)
– enable Live TV in Settings

This feature will be available in the next Release version 2.23 and is now in Beta testing.

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