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5. Oktober 2015 at 11:26 #16015

Hi MvD42,

thanks a lot for the Update and your testing! I also tested some videos and everything is playing fine for me. I discovered no problems with running the Update after playing some videos in the „old“ kodi 14 version. But if kodi is not starting as expected, you may see the Log-File with Debug-Information on the kodi page of the Max2Play web interface (at the bottom of the page) in the next Max2Play Version. The current Beta already has this feature. I will add an update Kodi button to the webinterface for the Raspberry PI based on this version.

: what kind of videos did you test (format)? Do you have test files that are linked somewhere? Please try the Youtube-Video Addon for Kodi or files like this (more on to make sure your setup is OK (power supply, network, access rights, etc.). This videos should play flawless. To update to Kodi 15.1 you may use the shell commands I posted above, but this won’t change much in your case if videos just don’t play. The updater on the Kodi page of the web interface of Max2Play is currently only working with the ODROIDs (U3, XU4, C1), as it is a little more difficult on the Raspberry Pi to update Kodi – but there will be an option in the next release.