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26. September 2015 at 11:18 #15844

I got that 7 inch official Raspberry Pi touch display.

Could not get a image to boot up on it to the login. Could not even get a desktop on it.

When I got up today I installed Max2Play fresh. Expand the file system rebooted and put my e-mail in and installed the:

Raspberry Pi Touch Display: Easy Install & Setup of three different Touch Displays (2.4”, 2.8″ and 7″) – including the official Raspberry Pi Touchdisplay

Then I could pick the 7″ and install it. It did not show up before. Then rebooted and the text came up on the 7″ so it worked. This time got to the login too 🙂

Then installed the JiveLite and that takes a little time. Looks like it makes it. Rebooted and started it.

It works on the 7″ touch screen. It ask for language and then the skin and it had 640 x 480 but the last was Juggler Skin. I picked that on the display.

But picked it out with a USB mouse. The touch is not working. Not sure if I plug the ribbon cable in right or if it’s a setting.

But seems like it’s working good just have to fix the touch yet.

Still in the „Install further jivelite Skins (important for small touchscreens)“ I can only pick the „Port for 2.8″ 320×240 Adafruit LCD…“ now. But I don’t need to pick it any more. But something it don’t show up any more there. It did and it was the only one 7″ when I installed from the start.