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23. September 2015 at 10:29 #15784

Hi Stefan,

perfect! THX! Especially:

4/5. I disconnected the USB SPDIF on Startup and disabled USB Dac in the squeezelite configuration. Kodi started up successfully. Afterwards I connected the SPDIF again and changed to USB-DAC again. Now both works. I assume that one have to configure kodi first and afterwards squeezelite and USB-DAC.

In general: as u try to provide a linux media server for ‚dummies‘ which is more or less plug n play. You should provide some information on the constraints like in this case the Expandfs Button. I assumed that the system is smart enough to find out which device is the one that was booted from and thus expands exactly this. Otherwise a selection option would be perfect.

I ran into another issue. For some funny reason my Mailaddress that is linked to my license was accepted a couple of days ago and is now not found for premium options which stops me from trying out your vnc fix…

Despite that: I cannot find any Isengard deb package. Not on your site and not on kodis download pages.