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22. September 2015 at 16:10 #15771

Hi Alex,

thanks a lot for your detailed report! I finally found the time to test the things you reported. Expanding the SD-card only works without having plugged any other USB-Sticks, SD-Cards or other filesystems as Raymond wrote.

2. The Squeezeboxserver in 7.8 is not working because of a perl update to version 5.20. The nightly builds do have CPAN-libraries for perl 5.20 and the default 7.8 is missing this one. I built these for earlier perl versions (e.g. 5.18) and added them to Max2Play – but as 7.9 works I didn’t even recognize this is missing.

3. The mount-options and fixed mount points for your usb hard drive do not work as expected because of a missing newline in /etc/fstab (the „##USERMOUNT“ must be on a new line, but it is not… this is a bug). You may fix this with sed "s/1##USERMOUNT/1\n##USERMOUNT/" /etc/fstab. I also added a patch to the Max2Play-Update-Script to fix this.

4. Difficult to tell why the hardkernel USB-SPDIF is not working as expected. Maybe it is due to some access rights. You may try: stop and remove Shairport and kodi from Autostart or give Shairport and kodi another soundcard. Start squeezelite from commandline as user „odroid“ like the script is doing it. You may see which devices are using the sound output as root in a console with /bin/fuser -v /dev/snd/* 2>&1

5. Kodi – never experienced such issues – but maybe it is connected with the hardkernel USB-SPDIF stick. Sometimes kodi „hangs“ if it has no access to the soundcard.

6. VNC: The vnc-server tried to open a new display as it couldn’t see the existing one. There was just a small bug in the init script (/etc/init.d/x11vnc) that is fixed now. You just need to get the latest Beta and uninstall -> reinstall the plugin.

To get the BETA-Versions and the updates I just did, you need to do a „Update to latest Beta“ on the Settings page. This is only available if you have the premium license. The changes will also be in the next release (probably within 2 weeks).

Hope I could help you a little with your questions! I will create a new Image for the XU4 (with all fixes), that comes with the latest Max2Play-version soon.