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21. September 2015 at 16:22 #15758

Tested sync for both players to play my Squeezebox Radio and the max2play-XU4. As soon as I clicked „Synchronize“ it stop playing but the play list is on both now playing. They just both stopped.

Got a Intel Compute Stick as a server running the Logitech Media Server. The 32GB one installed Ubuntu on it. Any way it did not „Synchronization“ when I click to do that.

Uploaded this to my Google Photos to show how I did it but did not work.

Don’t have the “Multisqueeze” on it. I will see if I can install it and test again.

Just looked it says this:

„Multisqueeze – run multiple Squeezelite Player simultanous on one device (Raspberry / Odroid). Needs an audiodevice for each player.“ I don’t need it to run 2 on one system. So did not install it.

I see to run it both on the HDMI sound and the USB sound. I have no did that. But I guess that would be the way. Thank you.

My try it later some time. I put my Odroid-XU4 out of the way now and take some time and work to move it to play it in the HDMI again.