Set Up the Infrared Remote by JustBoom

Set Up the Infrared Remote by JustBoom

Attention: This is a fix for a change in Raspberry Pi’s structure. We will add this fix to the next official Max2Play update, so it will be applied automatically for all new images after Version 2.48.

Step 1:

Make a Beta Update with the buttom Update2Beta Max2Play in Settings/Reboot.
Update2Beta Max2Play

Step 2:

Reboot Max2Play.
You will see the text “You are running a Beta-Version of Max2Play” in your sound card configuration, if your Beta Update was successful.
Beta Update was successful

Step 3:

Go to IR-Control in Additional Settings for Justboom-Cards OR in Hardware Control Plugin.
Choose your IR integration and press Install IR-Support.

Please note: Do not set up IR-Control under both the JustBoom menu and in the Hardware Control plugin. You only need one.


Step 4:

Reboot Max2Play.

You can now control your Max2Play with the JustBoom Infrared Remote.


For more information on this change, check out our announcement in the Max2Play Forums.