Remote Control

Remote Control

This Plugin is to set up a SSH-Access directly from the Max2Play web interface. It is an terminal which is running within your web browser.

Step 1

Download and install the plugin from the plugin gallery. Afterwards, a new entry appears in the menu of the Max2Play user interface.

Step 2

Click Remote Control to access the plugin menu.

Step 3

Click on install ShellinABox to initialize the installation of this plugin.

Step 4

Now you have to click on the white space on the pluginpage. It opens a new window with a confirmation message. Here you click on Advanced and add an exception. It is possible you see different descriptions on different browser at this point. To use this plugin it is important to activate this access.

Step 5

Login with username: pi password: raspberry. And to login as root use root for username and max2play for the password.

Now it is possible to use the terminal.